Switch hub dock station

Thanks to it, we can connect our Nintendo Switch device (or those with a USB-C connector) to the hub and transfer the image and sound to our television. Stay comfortable and with a good ergonomic posture that allows you to enjoy your devices from a more suitable place
The computer brush is a proposal for multiple solutions

Removes dirt from the most difficult access areas, it is compatible with a large number of devices. Removing dirt build-up has never been easier!


Ergonomics and efficiency

All the products in our store have the best architecture to solve any type of situation most efficiently and ergonomically. This allows a very diverse use for each device since the quality of their composition makes them very versatile.
Results through the European, American, and Asian markets

We have great experience working in a worldwide marketplace. We have been selling products for several years in countries like EEUU, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan... Our goal is always to bring the best products to our customers in a short time so they can enjoy them.

Customer's voice

What customers say about our products?
Works well
Bought this for my M1 Mac Mini, it works perfect and as intended. Perfect size and all inserts/inputs function well.
Jan 31, 2021
Very small, good for travel or space saver
Super small, love it. Good for travel.
rebekah haden
Jan 08, 2021
Perfect for big laptops
Small, sturdy option for propping a chunky 17" laptop up for improved airflow. Underside magnet feature is great for keeping the pair together when in transit.
A. Argentum
Mar 13, 2021


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