Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Cleaning Brush
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Keyboard Cleaning Brush

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3-in-1 multipurpose detachable design

Multiplatform, it can be used on any device.

Locks in dirt and dust with brush material.

It contains a key extractor to avoid damaging the keyboard.
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There is no corner that can stop this cleaner

With the key puller, you can remove dust from the most inaccessible areas without damaging the keyboard


Silicone parts retain all embedded dirt

The corners accumulate dirt over time, for this you can use this piece and there will be no trace

Bristle size allows access anywhere

Thanks to the construction material, dirt can be removed from inaccessible areas, as well as not damaging any electronic device

How is our product
Does the brush scratch the surface?
The material makes it very soft, therefore it does not scratch any screen or keyboard.

What are the brush tools?
It contains a brush, two ends to clean the most inaccessible corners, and a key extractor.

Does it hold dust?
Yes, the bristles of the brush allow you to remove dust from any corner.

Customer Reviews

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Alfonso Zavala Jr.

Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Russ Hauser

We were surprised by how easy to use this brush is, and how great a job it does.
Absolutely recommend this cleaning brush.

Miles N
Cleans What Other Brushes and Chemicals Cannot

Cleaned my filthy 5-year-old work keyboard like nothing else. I tried household chemical cleaners and turning and shaking out my keyboard, but I just could not get it clean between the keys. This little brush ended up doing the trick without having to pop off keys etc. Worth every penny.

Mike Khashaiar Kojoori
Actually a very useful product.

Believe it or not dust accumulates a lot on keyboards computers etc. They just seem to be dust magnets. Before I'd use a moist towel or compressed air to clean my board. Neither of these methods were very effective. This brush is very useful. The only thing I can think to improve is the way the brush attaches to the handle. I would have preferred it screw into the handle rather than just friction fitting it. I can imagine this coming loose and I'd probably have to glue it in permanently at the expense of the eraser tool (not a big deal but could be better).

Surprisingly effective keyboard cleaner

Does a surprisingly good job sweeping crumbs and dust out from inside keyboards and keys, and the plastic scrapers in the handle help to scrape accumulated grime off keys and case.